Zero Waste Wrapping

Now more than ever we need to make more of a conscious decision into how much waste we are producing, especially around the Christmas holidays. Changing our present wrapping habits is one main area where you can start to make a less wasteful Christmas.  

So why not consider other wrapping alternatives? Take a look at some of our ideas below:

Avoid using tape

Whilst Sellotape may be a quick and easy solution, it is not the most environmentally friendly. Why not browse the shelves for a paper based tape. Not only can it be recycled, but you could also by some with bright patterns and colours to really make your wrapping stand out.

Another alternative is to use string or twine. Fold your paper like you normally do but fasten it together with using string. If you want to go one step further, once your parcels have been opened, save the string and use it again next year! It’s a win, win!

 Furoshiki Wrapping

Have you tried out this popular Japanese wrapping technique? Wrapping your presents in fabric is an amazing eco-friendly way to wrap your presents this year.  It’s not only easy but the cloth can be used again and again! There are many guides online about different knotting techniques for all shaped gifts, but here is an easy step by step below of a simple knot design:

Wrapping Paper

Consider what sort of paper you are using. There is always a lot of confusion about which wrapping papers can actually be recycled. Avoid most foil or glitter-based papers, whilst they are very aesthetically pleasing, they cannot be recycled.  Keep it simple and use kraft paper, recycled paper or even tissue paper.  They may be plain, but that’s when you start to incorporate natural foliage, pinecones, or even dried oranges for decoration. 

If you are looking for paper that can have a second use, then why not use flower seed paper. Once your present are unwrapped, plant the paper and beautiful flowers will grow.


Recycle old Christmas cards for tags

Why not reuse all of the cards you received last year and make them into tags for this year’s gifts. Every year you will be able to treat a loved one to a new tag which will be completely unique to them. Saving on both money, and waste.

Who says we even need to wrap our gifts?

Why not get a large fabric sack which can be used year after year. This is a fun way to allow your loved ones to blindly dive in and see what they grab. Another alternative is to hide gifts around the house and give your family clues on where to find them. This makes present giving a more fun and memorable experience.

How are you wrapping your presents this year? Show us your wrapping by tagging us @erpinghamhouse

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