Time to Take Care

It can be hard to stick in a routine when you are indoors all day, so here are some handy tips on how to keep yourself productive and your brain active.


Get dressed everyday – As tempting as it is to live in your pyjamas all day, getting dressed like you are going outside will make a massive difference in your mood and productivity.


Make a schedule – This might sound crazy but this really helps to keep you motivated. Having a timed plan of what you want to achieve in a day will ensure that you are constantly keeping yourself occupied and your mind busy. Why not even set yourself and your friends challenges to see how much you can all get done in one.


Take care of your body – Meditate or do a workout. It is easy to forget about staying fit when being indoors but there are so many resources online to help motivate you into doing quick exercises every morning.


Bake – It’s something that everyone can and you get to treat yourself to your home bakes at the end. Why not find some recipes of your favourite foods or experiment with new flavours. We are even publishing some of our own recipes for you to try out (Link)


Do the chores – This is finally time to get round to those odd house jobs that you have been avoiding for too long to finally make your house a home. If you do a tiny bit of house work every day the result will have a massive impact on your mentality.


Make a workspace – Working from home can be difficult, especially with all of the distractions around. If you do not have your own workspace then build a temporary one. Pick your favourite room in the house and surround yourself with everything you need for work and remove anything which could become a distraction.  Then when you have done work for today, you can close the door and start to relax.  


Video call loved ones – Make video calls to your friends and family and just talk about your day, make quizzes or even play board games. Not only are you keeping each other occupied, but you are keeping everyone safe by staying indoors.


Learn something new – Teach yourself a new language,learn to draw or even educate yourself on a new subject. This is the perfect time to find new hobbies and interests and luckily there are so many resources out there online to use.  


Make sure you use this time in a positive way and keep finding new ways to challenge and improve yourself. We are all in this together.

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