Think Green This Christmas

It's time to make more of an ethical decision when it comes to the Christmas holidays. For most, it's a time for frantic last-minute purchases and finding the best deals on Amazon, but it’s time to make a change. Below you can find some helpful tips and tricks to see where you can make greener decisions around this holiday season.  



It is so easy to get sucked up in to the mass consumerism that surrounds Christmas. We are bombarded every day with adverts, special sales and we get materialistic envy over how influencers have decorated their homes. Why not step back and make Christmas fun again? If you need extra baubles, then why not make your own, you can even make it into a family activity. One idea is to buy air drying clay and some cookie cutters, roll and cut your shapes out, leave it to air dry, and then paint to make your final decorations.


Also think green when it comes to your outdoor decorations. Opt for solar powered lights to help reduce your energy and make sure to turn off your lights when you go to bed.


Present Wrapping

A lot of paper goes to waste every year due to incorrectly recycling. You cannot recycle paper which has Sellotape on, is shiny, metallic or glitter based. In a recent blog we talked about some zero waste and more sustainable wrapping solutions. Make sure to check it out our Zero Waste Wrapping blog.


Get Unique Gifts

Are you going to buy your co-worker the same bath gift set for the fourth time in a row? It’s time to think out of the box buy buying our gifts. Check your local charity shops or purchase from online second-hand stores and services. There is a real stigma about buying second hand, but you will be surprised how many items are brand new and never used, and you may also find some real treasures that will represent how much you truly appreciate them.


Not into buying gifts? Then why not buy something that will create forever lasting memories. Experience vouchers, such as a spa day, concert tickets or, for you daredevils out there, skydiving lessons, will make an unforgettable gift.


Christmas Cards

Writing Christmas cards has become a chore and lost some meaning now we are in the digital age. Why not save on paper and travel miles by sending an e-card, or be more personal with a video message which you can send to your loved ones for Christmas.


Don’t Overbuy On Food

We are all having a smaller Christmas this year, so make sure you are buying just the right amount. Then if you run out of food, put those cooking skills you learnt during Lockdown to the test! Saving both on waste and money. You can find some of our recent sweet treat recipes for Christmas here.


Let us know changes you have made this year buy tagging using your photos using @erpinghamhouse @erpinghamhousebtn

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