Take A Moment To Breathe

With the colder season drawing closer it can become hard to keep the same level of focus as you do in the summer. The darker nights and gloomy mornings start to effect on your overall mood, meaning you are more likely to lose your motivation on important projects.  

To combat these feelings, we have a simple technique that anyone can add into their daily routine to help keep your focus in check.

A Mindfulness Walk is the perfect activity which you can fit into any 5-10-minute gap during your day to help reset your brain and rethink any hurdles that you might have ahead.

So why not follow these simple steps:

1) Set aside some time during your day to go on a 5-10 minute walk without your phone.

2) You don’t have to go far, just walk down the road or head into your garden for a leisurely stroll.  

3) Take in everything around you. Feeling the crisp frost on your nose as you crunch your way through the autumn leaves. Then focus on your movement and ask yourself these questions: How does it feel? Which parts of your feet feel pressure as you walk? Do you put your toes down first or your heels?

4) Select three things you can see and, in turn, take a moment to think about them. How big is it? How did it get there?

5) Now focus on the sounds, temperature and smells around you. Think about their origins.

6) If you find yourself getting distracted, just come back to the movement of your feet, one in front of the other.

This is a great method for when you feel your mind wandering at work or you just need to take a break from a stressful day. Don't let the bad weather stop you, it is just a new opportunity to experience different sounds and smells outside. Allow yourself to hear the rain bounce off your coat or feel the hairs on your arms stand on end as the cold reaches your skin. We encourage you to give this a go everyday, no matter the weather.

Why not take a photo after your Mindfullness Walk and tag @erpinghamhouse in your posts, letting us know what you experienced on your walk.  

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