Say Goodbye to Paper Towels

We get it, paper towels can be extremely convenient in some circumstances but the bottom line is that they are an extremely wasteful product that sometimes comes with a large price tag. Whilst they are a paper-based product, it cannot be recycled. As soon as it becomes contaminated with food waste, cleaning products and much more they have to be thrown in the regular bins. We want to help you find more sustainable alternatives and slowly reduce your reliance of paper towels on a daily basis.

It’s all about the cloth:

Microfibre cloths

- These absorbent, fast-drying towels are ideal for cleaning around the house. Unlike most paper towels the net-like fibres catches the dirt on your surfaces rather than just pushing it around. After use you can rinse them out in the sink before putting them in the washing machine and then reuse them for your next cleaning session. 


- Napkins are not just for fine dining. Stop reaching for paper towels when having your meal. Having a paper towel to wipe your slightly greasy fingers after a meal can seem super wasteful when you have the alternative to use a napkin, which can be washed and reused.  

Unwanted clothes

- When having your yearly wardrobe spring clean consider whether your clothing is the ideal fabric for cleaning before donating or recycling them. Sadly, socks cannot be given away for a second life, but they are ideal for cleaning. We all have those odd socks lying in the bottom of our draws which haven’t found their other half in years, so let’s give them a new life. They are especially good for window or furniture cleaning. Wearing them like a glove gives your easy access to those hard-to-reach places.   

Tea towels

- Take a look at your tea towels and separate them into three groups; hand drying, drying dishes and cleaning cloths. Save your finest towels for hand drying and if you have some older ones which are getting a bit thread-bare then why not cut them up and use as cleaning cloths. Their coarse fabric is ideal for those more stubborn stains and bathroom cleaning. 

Biodegradable cloths

- Thinking the switch will be hard on your household? Then why not give biodegradable cloths a try. Created from all-natural materials, these cloths can have the durability of up to 15 rolls of paper towel but come with all their absorbent properties and can be washed and dried for reuse. 


We challenge you to ditch paper towels for a month and see how you get on. You never know, you might realise you never need to purchase paper towels again. 


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