Let's Help the Wildlife in our Gardens

As our cities and towns expand, it is having a knock-on effect on our local wildlife and their habitats. With their numbers declining we need to start making a change to help both their species and for our ecosystem.  

Here are some great ways you can help from home.   

Build an insect hotel - Either making a hanging hotel or a floor hotel, using sticks, stones and hollow stems are a great start to your build. With many tutorials online, you can find the perfect build for your home and once you have finished you can watch all of the insects thrive in your garden.

Create a pond – A pond is an amazing way to bring animals to your garden which you might not otherwise see. Frogs and newts will thrive in the depths of the pond whilst smaller creatures like pond skaters and water boatmen will love the waters surface.

Small gaps under your fence – Keeping small gaps under your fence allows hedgehogs and frogs access to your garden more easily.

Trees – Trees are ideal for birds who are finding a place to nest.

Bird Boxes – Similarly to trees, birds sometimes look for small shelters to hide in and nest. Attached a nest high on the wall of your house or shed. Encouraging birds to nest will help increase numbers.

Bat Box – Some of you may be surprised to know that it is very common to find bats in your garden in the UK. Why not build them somewhere to nest during the day.

Wild flowers – Create a wild flower garden to help attract bees, butterflies and other insects.

Bird Feeders – Feeding the birds all year round will help give them a better chance to survive when food is running low and they need to feed their young. This will also help for winter storage. Bird feeders are also great for those who do not have gardens but do have balconies from their flat windows.

Bird baths – Have a bird bath in the garden to provide water to the wildlife.


If you don’t have a garden but still want to help then why not donate or volunteer at your local wildlife centres. For more information why not start with the RSPB and The Wildlife Trust

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