Keeping Fit In The Winter Months


Which would you choose? To go out in the cold for a run, or stay in doors with a hot cup of tea under your favourite blanket watching your favourite show? We all know most of you would have said yes to the second option, so this is why we have come up with some helpful tips below with how to keep fit in the winter months.


1) Warm up Indoors

If you are a keen runner then nothing will stop you from bracing whatever Mother Nature has to offer, but make sure you warm up indoors first. Your muscles are more prone to injury when they are cold and stiff, so actively get your blood flowing before leaving the house to make sure all of your muscles are warmed up and ready to face the outdoors.  


2) Buddy up

Why not exercise with a friend or family member. If you are worried about losing motivation, then bring a buddy along to help you push each other’s paces and stay on your fitness track through out the winter months. Why not try running, yoga or even do a dance class! Make exercise fun.


3) Make some goals

Write down your fitness goals and what you are grateful for. It’s about changing your mindset when it comes to fitness. Whether you are exercising to stay healthy or you have a weight goal in mind, write down everyday your fitness goal, what you have achieved to get closer to this goal, and one thing you are thankful for. This motivation will make sure you keep going on a daily basis, no matter the weather.


4) Move your regime indoors

If you have spent your summer exercising outside, then consider how you can adapt your routine indoors. Why not swap out your run for circuit training or a home dance fitness session? Use this time to your advantage and experiment with other forms of exercise which you haven’t tried yet. As long as you are making steps towards your goals, you can have fun with it!


5) Make a routine

Taking time out of your day to do a workout should not become a burden, it should be fun.  You will have an increased chance of never missing a session if you have your exercises planned into your daily routine. With the brighter mornings in the winter, why not squeeze in a workout before your normal daily routine? Find what works for you and stick to it.

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