It’s World Honey Bee Day!

Today is World Honey Bee Day, but we wanted to use today as a chance to talk about all bees and why they are important to us.  

Why are bees important to the environment?

Whilst bees are small, they pack a punch when it comes to what they do for our ecosystem. Through the process of pollination, we have bees to thank for helping our favourite fruit, vegetables and flowers grow every year.

“One third of the food we eat comes from pollination due to honeybees”

Without bees, our natural plant growth around the world would begin to diminish rapidly and our food sources will decrease.  

This is why we have made a list of the top 4 ways in which you can help the bee population: 

Plant a Bee Garden

We have talked about planting insect gardens in a previous blog, but this is one of the easiest ways to attract bees into your gardens. Lavender, borage and marjoram, are just a few plants which bees love! The best part about these plants is that they do not need a lot of room. Why not grow these flowers in planters or window boxes if you are short of space.

Make a Bee Bath

Most people forget that pollinating all day can be thirsty work, so why not create a bee bath. After filling a shallow bird bath or bowl with clean water, add some stones which reach the waters surface so the bees have a place to land and drink from.

Place a Bee Hotel

By placing your hotels in an undisturbed area will help provide a safe shelter for the bees and a place to nest. Whether you build or purchase one, keep an eye out for hotels which have multiple sized tubes/tunnels which provide a good home for different types of bees.

Support Local Organisations

Take a look at the bee communities in your local area and see how you can help. Whether they are planting natural gardens in your area or are helping on a larger scale, see how you can get involved.

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