It’s about to get DIRTEA

We are so pleased to be stocking Dirtea at Erpingham House.

This mushroom tea gives you natural energy, strengthens your immunity and helps you feel calm and focused.


So, why mushrooms?

Mushrooms contain a lot of healing powers which most people aren’t aware of. Their high concentrations of the antioxidants, ergothioneine and glutathione, both help protect the body from stress and cognitive decline. Furthermore, they contain other nutrients which can boost your memory, help with heart health and strengthen bones.  What’s not to love about that!


Four different flavours – Four different benefits:

Chaga Mushroom Power

-         Supports your immune system

-         Gives you natural energy

-         Benefits skin health.


Lions Mane Powder

-         Helps boost your memory

-         Dials in your focus

-         Improves your mood.

Reishi Powder

-         Helps you destress

-         Calms the mind

-         Improves sleep

-         Balances your immune system.

Cordyceps Powder

-         Supports your energy production

-         Helps oxygen flow through the body to your organs and muscle tissue

-         Improves your athletic and physical performance.

Pop down and try them out! Find out more about Dirtea.

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