Fun Video Chat Activities for Family & Friends

It's important to make sure you catch up with loved ones during this time. We have put a list together of some great activities you can do with your family and friends over video chat.

Make Quizzes

Either dedicate a quiz master or get everyone to make their own themed rounds with a set amount of questions. You could even make quiz night a weekly event.


Treasure Hunt

Allocate some as the game host and then everyone else has to race against the clock to find household items. The host might describe a specific object or would suggest a category, eg. “Something yellow and made from plastic” and whom ever comes back with the correct object first wins a point.


Practice Life Drawing

Sketch each other, your favourite actors or even objects around your room. All you need is a pencil and paper and you are practising a new skill whilst having fun!


Have a Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and watch your favourite movie at the same time whilst being on video chat with each other. It’s a great way to spend quality time relaxing whilst not feeling alone.


Wine and Cheese Night

Give everyone participating the same shopping list of new wines and cheeses to try and then have fun tasting them whilst on video chat with your loved one. Why not even make a game out of it and rank them to see which ones come out on top.


Play Board Games

There are some household board games which are super simple to play over video chat. Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Yahtzee are some great examples of easy to play games which you can all do together. Also if you are feeling more adventurous there are lots of free multiplayer games to play online with friends and family.


Cook Together

Grab a recipe from our website and bake it at the same time.It’s a great interactive way to bake and you all get some tasty treats to enjoy at the end.



It’s an old classic and something which will get everyone in high spirits. Just take it in turns to act out your favourite movies, TV, and books.  


Show and tell

If you are having weekly catch ups with family and friends why not make a show and tell session. Whether you have been baking, crafting or earning a new skill, dedicate this time to show off what you have been doing each week. Not only will this help keep you all motivated and challenge yourselves to try something new but it will also help inspire those closes to you to do the same.


Let us know whether you have been doing any of these things or any other ideas you have by tagging us on social media with @erpinghamhouse.

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